Antonymic Energies

Media Stronghold on Politics a Coo

The Bottom Line Lesson The control over You

Government's Thrive on biased views of events.

A medium by which control can be given to Tyrants

Serving information for the populace to know

Television, Magazines, Newspapers, Radio

Complex technology in todays world, so!

At Times misleading in its viewsand scapes.

Billboards, Posters, The Internet Yo!

The media is constantly influencing one and all, no?

Too much influence in politics as it shapes

manipulates societal view like caging apes

Information on politics and politicians

shared efficiently less the superstitions

No guess as to whether it is true or not

Campaigns by Word of mouth Truly Known and sought

reaching the point of political equality Creating


Less concerned with image and advertising

the underlying issues see Our media Blinding

a center to communicate issues yet instead

a place to portray an image. Societies Bed

With medias influence in politics lessened

Political Structure Releasing The Tension

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