Clinton W J Collins

Let Us find a Cure Support Research Cancer to Caring to Cure Peace on Earth for all to See Our only Prosperity is Pure Equality'

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Carry On

Bright Sunshine

makes Us feel Divine

if only to capture this feeling for all Time

Make your moves forward to Success

never being a liar or living the life of a Temptress

keeping it real never restless

always standing strong

it is your journey to which you belong....
Love Long

© Clinton W J Collins 2019

I have been writing poetry since 1983 I carried my little Book where ever i went i lost one of my books along the way it was @ an arcade I left it on a Game I think if i remember correctly it was Galaga .... maybe not months or maybe years later i heard someones sister i knew found it .. Never did get it back I am certain i had many good poems in that book or simply ramblings of a madman in there always a friend 's first version many of my best writings were from when i was a teen...

I have been Posting my Poetry free of charge Online(World Wide Web) since 1996 by 2001 i found myself registering i have been self sponsoring my poetry since 2001 now and since 2006 0r so i have been working with my name dot net and org with your help and support i can start writing more and working less on keeping these pages live to the world Free for Their Reading Pleasure :D Thank you Kindly and Lots of love for All'

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